Monday, 23 July 2007

Ideas for RealWoRLD and Shell projects from CETIS meeting

Allison wrote:

"Was checking out the last CETIS meeting - prompted by this email from Charles. I think lots of the ideas discussed at the meeting are aligned with the Shell proposal, though they are, indeed, useful for Realworld.

Sheila McNeil's blog gives a summary of all the presentations. David Davies has been exploring 'mashups'. I think these have great potential, though they could unfortunately go in the direction most digital content has gone in so far - ie teacher control. David has some interesting ideas:

"David Davies (IVIMEDS, University of Warwick) gave an overview of the way he is starting to mash up content from various sources (including their formal repository) to create new and dynamic resources for students. A process which he described as being potentially both transformative and disruptive - for everyone involved. David gave a really practical insight into the way he has been combining RSS feeds with yahoo pipes to create resources which are directly embedded into the institutions’ learning environment. Using this type of technology staff area able to share content in mulitple ways with students, without the student having to access the learning object repository. David also strongly advocated the use of offline aggregators, describing these as personal repositories. As well as using RSS feeds from their repository and various relevant journals, Warwick are increasingly creating and using podcasts. David described how a podcast is basically and RSS feed with binary enclosures which means that they can do much more than just contain audio. At Warwick they are creating podcasts which include flash animations. So in this way they are again providing another way for students to access content.' ! (from

The ideas presented by Michael Gardner could be a useful structure around a 'collective'..."

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