Thursday, 24 April 2008


The people from made a little game to play: Googolopoly. You can even download the full game from them. Nice to play when you get bored with the Microsoft monopoly.
Thanks to Kathy for sending this on.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

EU proposal on SmartCharting submitted

The EU proposal that a number of people at the Academy worked on for the last number of months submitted yesterday! Big relief, and a lot of hard work got done on this. For a number of people at the Academy I think the question that springs to mind today is: ‘What to do with my life now?’ (the answer is not hard I guess; get some sleep, and then on the with the next ;)

We expect this project can give a further boost to innovation of learning at Glasgow Caledonian. The proposal is about charting, which will help learners make a better transition to the workplace, and help learners and workers set their long term learning paths. Tools for charting will use web 2.0 technologies to help learning on and in the job.

The above image describes charting. Now lets just hope we get this proposal funded. Competition is steep, but this was not supposed to be easy.